About Us

Why it’s good to shop ethically.

Hey there! My name is Sam and I am the creator and day dreamer that has turned her dreams into the reality. I’m eternally grateful that you’ve landed here and your reading this. I promise not to go on too much like I know I can.

My wish for the The Mews is to supply and produce ethical products that are environmentally friendly. Help to support the Earth, its wonderful people and work towards a more sustainable future for all. But why?

Because as a resident of this wonderful planet and as a parent, I believe we should all aim to make conscious choices. Reduce our impact on the Earth in the hope that it remains a beautiful place for our descendants in years to come. We all have the power to help and making small changes to our daily lives and thinking consciously about what we consume and purchase can make a huge difference. If lots of us change together there is strength in those numbers!

It’s hugely rewarding and cost effective in the long term to choose good quality products that are handmade by someone who cares and to know that they were paid fairly for it. All this brings so much more extra joy to the product.

Hopefully I have provided a place where you can easily browse, research and select unique and practical products to start you on your journey to a more earth loving life. It really is good to shop ethically!

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